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Iranian press review: IRGC sends message to Biden with new missile launcher

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Iranian press review IRGC sends message to Biden with new missile launcher
  Iranian press review: IRGC sends a message to Biden with a new missile launcher



While the entire world was focused on the US presidential elections, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) unveiled a new underground ballistic missile launcher platform.


Iranian outlets close to the IRGC reported on the 4 November that the new domestically developed system, dubbed as a ‘missile shower,’ is capable of launching several projectiles in a short period of time.


The reports did not elaborate on the number of missiles the new platform could launch, nor the time the platform needs to create continuous shooting.


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A video published by Fars news agency shows five missiles being carried on a rail track to the launch pad.


According to the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency, the new system was developed in Iran to increase the efficiency of missile defence systems by shooting multiple missiles at the same target in a short period of time.


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“The new launching system also provides a chance for the IRGC to carry out an intense attack from a single underground platform before the bunker is targeted by the enemies’ counter-attack,” Tasnim said. The projectiles featured in the video are Emad missiles, which use liquid rocket fuel and can hit targets at a range of 1,700km. Emad missiles were first tested in 2015. During the ceremony introducing the new system, Major General Hossein Salami, an IRGC commander, said that Iran’s ballistic missile programme is the country’s most effective means of strategic deterrence and part of its “forward defence” doctrine. Washington sees Tehran’s missile programme as a threat to its regional allies, as well as US Army bases in the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. Iran’s missile programme has also been a battleground for domestic political rivals inside the country.
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